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Infantryman Resume Free Download, Example and Other Information

Writing an infantryman resume is going to be slightly difficult when you have never done that before. Even when you have, you will still find it hard to do because you do not use the templates. Well, the templates are definitely needed and essential in resume writing, and this resume is no exception.

Marine Infantryman Resume

For those who need to write a resume for their infantry, make sure to use these resumes found below. They are free to download, meaning that downloading any of them will basically allow you to save the files for free. It won’t ask for payment of any kinds, including credit card information.

Example of Infantryman Resume


Lucas Paulson



7 Walter St., Northwest, 78, UJ


  • Skilled infantryman who has been stationed to several different parts of the world and having the experience in open combat.
  • Looking for opportunities to expand knowledge academically and professionally.
  • Good with people and having excellent communicating skill to peers and supervisors.


2016, Graduated from Jacksonville High School, GPA 3.6


2016-20, US Army, Infantryman

Stationed in Iraq, Syria and France


  • Combat skill
  • Riffle and weaponry
  • Arsenal planning
  • Communication
  • Pressure-management
  • Team-working
  • Critical thinking


English, Native

Arabic, Intermediate

French, Advanced

How to Write Infantryman Resume

The easiest way to write the resume is by using templates. Templates are free to download and inside every template, you can basically see that they are containing the right content. All you need to do is to make sure that they are the right kind to use. Here is the full step-by-step.

  1. Take a good look at the list of infantryman resume Then, select one that matches to your need. Once done, locate its download button. Click the button and the free template will be saved in your resume later on.
  2. Once the resume template is on your PC, open it up and start editing the template. Make sure that the format of the resume is either doc or PDF and open them up with the proper program, such as Microsoft Word for the doc template.
  3. Edit the template starting from the top section down to the last one. The sections should include the contact information and brief profile. It should belong on the top of the page and then it will be followed by information like education and the experience in the military.
  4. If the template is now done being edited, recheck the entire document once again and make sure it has no typos or unintended mistakes. Then, print the document or if you are about to send it online, convert it to PDF and attach it on the email.

People Also Ask

What does an infantryman do?

Basically, an infantryman is working for your country. They are in the military and they are deployed in certain area to handle and resolve problems. They are working in teams and most infantrymen are combating on foot. It is a serious job and it takes a whole new level of courage to do that.

This is the reason why being an infantryman is extremely patriotic and you should be really, really proud of the profession. Basically, you have served the country and everyone in it. For this reason, being able to write infantryman resume is actually a great, great honor.

Where to find resume template for infantryman?

The template is actually found almost everywhere. In the modern age like this, finding files, documents and templates are not going to be hard anymore. You can find them scattered around the internet and there will be several of them, too, displayed below for you to download.

When you find resume template, including infantryman resume template, make sure that it is free to download. There is no point to download resume template when you have to pay for them. They should be free as there are like thousands of them out there. Get the free template below, too.

Does Microsoft Word have resume template for infantryman?

Microsoft Word does have resume template. However, if it is specifically for infantryman resume, there is no option for that. You can use the template from the program, though, and then edit it on your own to make it looks like a resume of a military or infantryman.

Army Infantry Resume Template

This is the most useful resume for those who need to write infantryman resume for army personnel. It is free to get, and the template is ready to use. It is editable and printable. Download the resume now, and write it really easy from now on.

Basic Resume Template for Infantryman

This is the basic resume template for infantryman. Basically, writing infantryman resume is not going to be so flawlessly when you have no clue of what to write. Thankfully with a template like this, now you can make the document easier and faster.

Special Training Infantryman Resume

Experienced Infantry Resume Template

This is one of the best resume templates for experienced personnel. Download the resume template now, and fear not about the cost. It is 100% free of charge for everyone.

US Army Infantryman Resume

US Army Infantry Resume Template

US Army is one of the biggest military groups all across the world. This is why when you have the opportunity to work in US Army, be proud of it. Your infantryman resume will be highly decorated by the fact that you can write US Army as your previous experience.

Army Infantryman Resume

Marine Corps Infantry Resume Template

For you who have been working or currently working in the marine corps, this is the infantryman resume that you have to download. Do not worry about the cost because this template is absolutely for free, and everyone can just use it all the time.

Basic Infantryman Resume Templates

Special Training Infantry Resume Template

Of course, before becoming a professional infantryman, you will have to go through series of trainings, including the special trainings. This infantryman resume is for those who have taken the course. It is free to download, and it only needs one click away.


Experience Marine Infantryman Resume Marine Corps Infantryman Resume

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