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Why Do You Need a Data Entry Resume Template?

Data entry job may be considered by many as an easy job. In fact, it doesn’t take random people to work this job. That said, if you’re capable of being a data entry specialist, for example, one of the steps you have to do is making your data entry resume. If possible, you should tailor your resume while making it to ensure the potential employer only sees the good side in you while hiring.

No Experience Data Entry Resume Download

Data entry resume template can also be obtained to help you cut the time of making your resume, as well as assisting you to decorate your resume easily. You can always have a template even though you are an experienced data entry specialist—you know, some people still have a hard time when they need to make a professional resume.

Resume Example for Data Entry

As said earlier, even though you are an experienced worker, you may still have several difficult hours building your resume from scratch. Put that thought aside, and take a look at this shortened version of this data entry resume—who knows this will help you in making your resume?

Katrina V. Jones

Data Entry Specialist

100 Asia Street, Chicago, Illinois 37748 | katrinavjones@gmail.com | 084-862-782-298


  • A task-driven and rigorous professional with extensive experience in data entry and customer service.
  • Excellent in interpersonal skills and interact with diverse individuals from different groups and organizational levels.
  • With a long additional experience in freelance data entry, accurate and efficient entry data skills can be obtained as well.


  • Accurate and effective data entry
  • File maintenance
  • Time management
  • Records management


  • More than five year-experience in data entry (office work and freelance)
  • Fluent in more than non-English language
  • Outstanding performance in previous workplace
  • Related education background in a prestigious school


BS in Business Administration – Finance

Harvard University, graduated in 2013; GPA: 3.7/4.0


Data Entry Specialist, IOU Media                                                         2018 – present

  • Obtain data from various sources and manage the data altogether by using a base system
  • Assist several departments by updating clients’ information by using specific program effectively
  • Manage and maintain data entry requirements by following certain company procedure, etc.

Data Entry Specialist, A3A Advertising                                                            2014 – 2018

  • Assisted several departments by updating clients’ information by using specific program effectively
  • Managed and maintained data entry requirements by following certain company procedure, etc.
  • Obtained data from various sources and manage the data altogether by using a base system

Data Entry Freelance                                                                            2015 – present

  • Working with various clients’ demands regarding data entry


  • Employee of the month (6 times within 4 years of working, A3A Advertising)
  • Excellent performance (2019, 2020; IOU Media)

How to Create Your Data Entry Resume

After seeing that data entry resume sample, what can you take from it? First, you should prepare several data to build your resume, such as personal identity, working experiences, and education background. In addition, you can as well add awards and recognitions, objective, and professional summary.

After that, you can choose the method to create your data entry resume. Choose whether to create your resume from scratch, creating it by customizing a template, or typing it yourself by referring to a template. Once you’ve chosen your method, you can directly put your data into the resume. Don’t forget to proofread your text after finishing the resume.

 People Also Ask


How do I write a data entry description?

In terms of making a data entry resume, you can make the data entry description as the explanation ‘place’ about your previous job. What to include is the job descriptions that you have done in your previous workplace.

In addition, you may also include the skills you have that support your career as a data entry specialist. Skills, such as fast typing skills, deep understanding of databases and X years of experience with office programs, will help to boost your ‘score’.

What are entry data skills?

  • Multitasking skills
  • Great attention to detail
  • Ability to perform recurring tasks still with an extraordinary degree of accuracy
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

How do I describe my data entry on a resume?

Describing your data entry job description is actually simple. You’ll only need to put in any job descriptions you’ve had while working in the previous workplace. Consider putting in sentences like, ‘Managed and maintained data entry requirements by following certain company procedure’ or other sentences similar to it.

Several Samples of Data Entry Resume

As you may have known, there are lots of data entry resume sample that you can use for building your resume. Is it worthy to find the right and relevant data entry resume template? Well, you’ll probably get the answer once you try using it.

Resume Sample of Data Entry Processor

The reason why people are using data entry resume template to build their resume is because it’s a lot less-hassle than to type the resume from scratch. That said, you can cut the time for creating the form and decorating it. Templates will enable you to just customize related field—not making it since the very start.

Proffesional Data Entry Resume Template Word

Resume Sample of Data Entry Analyst

For such a specific job like data entry analyst, it may be more difficult to create your resume. Hence, instead of hiring a freelance to help you make the resume, try to use a data entry template. No need to dwell on the file’s decoration because you only need to customize the content.

Data Entry Resume PDF Free Download

Free Data Entry Resume Sample

Do you know what’s best from a data entry resume template? It can be downloaded for free. Plus, it’s so easy to use as long as you have a compatible application to create the resume. It can be word processor and image editor application—just pick one that suits your skill.

Data Entry Specialist Resume PDF Download

Data Entry Clerk Resume Sample

Curious of how to make a data entry resume if you want to apply as a data entry clerk? Templates may help. Therefore, you won’t have to read that how-to article. It’s better to save your time for another important thing.

Experienced Data Entry Resume Free PDF Download

Data Entry Free Download PDF File Type

Aside from a template, you can as well use a non-editable PDF file type to guide you while making a resume. But what can you do with it?

It’s simple, just take one data entry resume sample and learn first what to include. Then, make your resume by referring from the PDF resume sample.


Supervisor Data Entry Resume Free PDF Download


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