5+ Flight Attendant Resume Samples

Get Flight Attendant Resume Samples to Guide You while Applying for Flight Attendant Jobs!

Aside from being a pilot, what kind of job that allows you to fly here and there? You’re right—flight attendants. If you are an aspiring flight attendant that is still on the process of applying for a job, it’s a sure thing that you’ll need to prepare your resume. One easy trick is to get some flight attendant resume samples, studying it, and then make the resume by using your own data.

Emirates Flight Attendant Resume Sample

However, although it may seem that you can easily make a resume by referring to flight attendant resume samples, you need to learn first how to compose a resume well. By doing so, you will be able to the potential employer’s attention with your outstanding resume. A chance of interview will surely come to you soon.

Sample of Flight Attendant Resume

If it’s your first time making a resume, you may feel like it’s quite difficult to make one. Is it so? Not at all, if you’re referring to flight attendant resume samples. Enclosed below is a shortened sample of flight attendant resume that you may also refer to.

Joanna L. Weinberg

Flight Attendant

99 Irish Street, Madison, Wisconsin 78346 | joannaweinberg@me.com | 023-910-238-347


  • Eager to give an exceptional customer service and hospitality to multi-cultural population with Americana Airline.
  • Experienced in being passengers’ accompany on board in all types classes (economy, business, and executive).
  • Multitasked, energetic, polyglot with intermediate to advanced level of fluency in three foreign languages (Germany, Spanish, and French). CPR Certified.


  • Graduated from a school of hospitality with excellent GPA
  • Experienced flight attendant that has worked with a LCC and a ‘premium’ airline
  • Great at communicating with people with various backgrounds
  • Attentive, patient and friendly personality
  • Able to work individually or in team under minimum supervision
  • Great attention to detail, time management and experienced in working well under pressure.
  • Excellent dexterity and physical stamina and able to work finely in confined spaces


Queensland School of Hospitality, Queensland, 2010

Associate of Science in Hospitality (Hospitality Management)



QANTAS Airlines Limited, Mascot, NSW – Australia                January 2015 – January 2021

Flight Attendant for Business and Executive Class

  • Provided customer service and hospitality towards passengers
  • Prepared meals according to order and serving it to passengers on time
  • Assisted passengers with anything while on board
  • Helped passengers with conditions to be as comfortable as possible while on board
  • Served food and beverage to pilot and co-pilot
  • Assisted pilot and co-pilot if for any conditions

Jetstar Airways, Melbourne, Melbourne – Australia                             June 2011 – July 2014

Flight Attendant for Economy and Business Class

  • Assisted passengers with anything while on board
  • Assisted pilot and co-pilot if for any conditions
  • Helped passengers with conditions to be as comfortable as possible while on board
  • Prepared meals according to order and serving it to passengers on time
  • Provided customer service and hospitality towards passengers

How to Make Your Flight Attendant Resume

Making a resume means you will have to insert your relevant personal data into it. But what kind of data that you need to build your flight attendant resume?

Just as shown in various flight attendant resume samples and above, you can see that in general resumes are similar. You will have to input your personal identity like name, address, email, and phone number. Following that, you have objectives, professional summary, and working experiences. Not to forget, you can also have education background included—especially if you think your education background relates to the job you are applying.

People Also Ask

What do airlines look for in a flight attendant resume?

As you may have seen in many flight attendant resume samples, you know that additional skills also play a big part in making someone to get hired. So, that shouldn’t surprise you that you’d some kinds of certification included into someone’s resume. Of course, working experiences will also be the constant big game-changer.

What are the top 3 characteristics of a flight attendant?

  • Attentiveness
  • Great at customer service
  • Communicative

Aside from those three characteristics, you should also own a strong physical stamina, given that you will have to work long hours in a confined place. Also, be aware that smart and quick decision-making skills will also be sought from you.

What are the skills of a flight attendant?

A flight attendant is expected to have these traits below:

  • Good communication and customer service skills
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Remain calm even in emergencies or when having difficult passengers
  • Good dexterity and overall health
  • Diplomatic and thoughtful

Several Sample of Flight Attendant Resume

You may have found many flight attendant resume samples online, and wondering why there are so many of it. Well, remember that each flight attendant is different, and such flight attendant resume samples are a great tool to help them getting the job they want.

Entry Level Flight Attendant Resume

Each flight attendant will face this in their career. If you’re one of those, don’t hesitate to get entry level flight attendant resume samples. That’ll guide you a lot while making your resume, so you’ll get to the ‘right path’.

Bilingual Flight Attendant Resume

Sample Resume of Bilingual Flight Attendant

Some companies may require their flight attendants to enclose bilingual resume as requirements. If you’re applying for such job, make sure to impress your potential employer ever since the first word of your resume. One of the smartest tricks is to use bilingual flight attendant resume samples to help you.

Free Flight Attendant Resume in Word

Word Flight Attendant Resume for Free

What’s so good with the flight attendant resume samples? The best part of it is that it can be downloaded for free. Many of them also come in Word-suitable file type—easing you while handling the template.

Entry Level Flight Attendant Resume No Experience

Format Resume for Emirates Flight Attendant

Do you plan to apply for a flight attendant job in Emirates—one of the best airlines, proclaimed by many? You got into the right page! You can find how to format your resume for Emirates airlines by looking for it in online database of flight attendant resume samples.

Professional Flight Attendant Resume Template

Flight Attendant Resume Sample

In applying for a job, it’s a must for someone to enclose a resume. But even those experienced professionals may find it difficult to make a resume.

That’s why, flight attendant resume samples become easier to access today. Included to it is flight attendant resume sample—helping aspiring flight attendant to get their dream job easier.

Corporate Flight Attendant Resume



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