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Network Engineer Resume Template Free Download

A network engineer resume template is definitely in need when you want to work as network engineer, and you will have to apply for the job. The job is hard and very technical one as well. Therefore, not just random person can apply for it. This is why a good resume is needed.

Example Network Engineer Resume for Fresher PDF Format

When writing the resume, simply use templates. The templates are so helpful, and they are just so easy to download. There will be plenty of them below. All you have to do is actually just picking one, and send it right away to your editing tool in your device. Here are some of them.

Example of Engineer Resume Template


Name: James Gilbert

Email: gilbertjames@mail.me

Phone: 2816-2981

Address: 26 Hull St, Cup City, HA, 271


  • Professional network engineer.
  • Having been working in a few different companies over the years with the main responsibility to maintain network efficiency and security.
  • Having the degree to back up all the computing knowledge.
  • Good with teams and willing to work night shift if needed.
  • Aiming to work in international company and expand the computing knowledge.


  • Jameson High School, Graduated 2006, GPA 3.5
  • The University of Hull City for Science, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, GPA 3.6, Graduated 2010
  • The University of Hull City for Science, Master’s Degree in Computer Science, GPA 3.6, Graduated 2012

Work History

2012-2017, Kellan Technician Company, Network Engineer

Main Duties:

  • Configuring network equipment
  • Designing network solution
  • Establishing network security

2017-2018, Portland International Station, Sweden, Network Engineer

Main Duties:

  • Improving network efficiency
  • Managing proxy servers
  • Monitoring network

2018-Ongoing, Lambert Company, Network Engineer

Main Duties:

  • Reporting network bugs and flaws.
  • Setting up firewalls
  • Setting up routing devices
  • Troubleshooting network
  • Updating firmware and network improvements


  • 2016, Becoming a Computer Technicians and Professionals, Hull City Government
  • 2018, Professional Training for Network Engineer, Matthew Company

Technical Skill

  • Computer wiring
  • Cisco
  • WAN
  • LAN
  • VPN
  • Network Address Translation
  • Ethernet knowledge
  • Devices knowledge

Soft Skill

  • Time-Management
  • Multi-tasking
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking

Language Skill

English, Advanced

Swedish, Advanced

Spanish, Intermediate

How to Write Engineer Resume Template

To write a good resume, you will need a network engineer resume template. The resume is going to be just plain and boring when you write it on your own, without realizing what should go in there. This is the explanation on how to write one:

  1. Download the network engineer resume template and then save it to your PC.
  2. Open the template and then use Microsoft Word to edit the detail.
  3. Enter your name and your contact information on the top of the page
  4. Start by writing your brief profile. Enter a paragraph or two for the profile.
  5. Complete the resume by entering your history of education as well as your diploma.
  6. Then, add in your work history. Explain your previous duties in details
  7. Add your training information and your skills, especially the one related to the network engineer works.
  8. Finish the resume by adding in your language skill.
  9. Always recheck the resume before printing or sending it.

People Also Ask

Is network engineer a good career?

Yes, it is. We know and realize that we are living in modern world in which computers and internet are just everywhere now. Well, people just cannot live without it. Big companies depend on internet and technology as well, and they need someone professional to take care of them.

This is where a network engineer is needed. They will have the job to maintain and take care of the networking situation in the company. They will have to set the internet connection, taking care of the firewall and security then doing many other rewarding jobs. So yes, it is a good career.

What skill should network engineer have?

The skills are mostly the technical ones. They will have to be able to understand many things like computer wiring, Cisco, WAN, LAN, VPN, Network Address Translation and many other skills. They will also have to understand about devices and computing hardware.

However, in network engineer resume template, you have to write the soft skill. For a network engineer, the needed soft skills are including time-management and multi-tasking. They will have to master it because their jobs will heavily depend on those skills after all.

What is the main duty of network engineer?

The main duties of this profession include maintaining network and reporting bugs or flaws. The network engineer will also have to set up firewalls and routing devices. Troubleshooting network is also their job. They will have to do things like firmware updates and overall network improvements.

PDF Template for Network Engineer Resume

This is one of formats for network engineer resume template. You can prepare this template even when you are network engineer student who are studying this field.

Example of Resume for Network Engineer

This is the network engineer resume template that you need to have. It is very basic, and it can be used as the main template for the document.

The Network Engineer Resume in Doc Format

The network engineer will have to write a good resume, and thus network engineer resume template is needed. This is the one you will definitely need and want to download. It is available in .doc format, so it is easy to edit and modify.

Free Resume Template for Network Engineer

You do not have to pay a dime for network engineer resume template. This is the free template. Downloading it will require no cost at all.

Fresh Graduate Network Engineer Template Resume

Fresh graduate students are capable to work a good resume as long as they use the correct network engineer resume template. This is the one you can download for free.

Resume for Network Engineer Template in PDF

When applying job via email, the resume must be sent online. It should be converted in PDF format. This is the network engineer resume template in the PDF format already, and it’s ready to use.

Professional Resume for Network Engineer Template

This is the resume that you need to apply for a job as professional network engineer. Just download the template now.

Network Engineer Resume PDF Format

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