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Nursing Resume Template Free Download with Example and Details

Using nursing resume template is the best decision to make when you have to write a resume but you do not understand how to do that. Resume is a kind of document that explains your career at a glance. It includes the history of employments and many other things or needed information.

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This is the reason why you have to make a resume every time you look for a job or join a program. The resume will be like the introduction page for everyone to get to know who you are. For those who need to write a good resume, use templates and some templates are downloadable for free below.



Jessica Paulson



9 Hull St., St. Charles, 27816, SH


  • Entry-level nurse. Just graduating from nursing college with honor.
  • Willing to look for knowledge and expanding career opportunities in nursing industry.
  • Willing to work night shift and available 24/7 for contact.


  1. Graduated from Santa Ursula College for Nurses, B.A. in Infant Nursing and NICU Program. GPA 3.8
  2. Graduated from Kellan High School. GPA 3.6


Internship and sitting in: 2020-2021, Julien Hospital, NICU team.


  • Compassion
  • Infant caregiving
  • Blood drawing and injection
  • Vitality checking
  • Time-management
  • Communication

How do I write a nursing resume?

Writing resume is going to be way easier for every nurse or anyone working in nursing department when they do use nursing resume template. This kind of template is really, really helpful as they are containing the right and proper sections the document should have. This is the step you need to take:

  1. There will be tons of templates to find below. All you have to do is take a good look at every single one of them. Download the one that matches your need. There will be buttons of link to download them and you should follow the instruction to get them downloaded.
  2. Once the documents are downloaded, edit the document by using the proper program. Say for example, if the document is a doc one, the file should be editable using Microsoft Word. If the format is PDF and it is editable as well, you should use one PDF editor program.
  3. Edit the document by filling in the blanks or adding the details according to your data. It includes your contact information and history of employment as well. After filling them all up, save the document and make sure you have rechecked the whole thing beforehand.
  4. Now, all you need to do is basically saving the document and printing it for later on. It can all be sent via email or used according to your need. Yes, it is that simple to create the resume with the help of nursing resume template.

People Also Ask

What are some nursing skills to put on a resume?

Nursing skills are so many. It is including hard skills and soft skills. The hard skills are very technical and it will depend on what kind of nurse you are. Say for example, of course when you are a NICU nurse, you will have to understand skills to care for infants and babies as well as for pregnant mothers.

The soft skills are far more general. Basically, a good nurse should have compassions. This is why compassions are always found in nursing resume template or any examples related to nursing job. Surely, the nurse should also have skills like critical-thinking, problem-solving and team-working.

What should my nursing resume look like?

When you are using nursing resume template, it will make sure that your resume is looking good and proper. The proper look for the resume is including its length. It should not be too long. 1-2 pages are just right for the resume. It is compact and it means that it does not need anything unnecessary in there.

The resume should contain the important information only. They are including contact information, history of employment, education history, skills and language skills if they speak more than one language. It should be kept simple and this is why using nursing resume template is necessary.

Where to get nursing resume template?

Getting nursing resume template can be done basically everywhere. It is available on the internet like everywhere on so many sites. Even you can find resume on Word itself but it is not specifically for nursing resume. The key rule is that you have to get the free one as it should be free after all.

Templates and Examples

Nursing Assistant Resume Template

For those working as assistant, this is the nursing resume template for you. Many nurses start their career by becoming an assistant first. So, it is nothing to get embarrassed about. This document is surely helping you in making a good resume.

sample nursing assistant resume template1

Entry-Level (New) Nurse Resume Template

New nurses or entry-level one has less experience. However, they can still make good CV or resume. All they need to do is getting a lead from templates and examples like the one you can find anywhere on this page.

sample nursing student resume template1

ER Nurse Resume Template

ER or emergency room is the place where nurses are found everywhere. For those working as ER nurses and need to make a good resume, use this template. This template is going to show you how the proper resume looks like.

sample registered nurse resume template1

Nursing Graduate Resume Template

Are you a nursing graduate and ready for the real world? If you are, download the resume template and start writing your own resume and get that job of your dream. Hospitals, clinic, and many places will need your service.

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ICU Nurse Resume Template

This is the nursing resume template for those working in ICU. The nurses working there must be familiar with many, many emergency operations and thus their resume must show them that. Get this resume template now.

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RN Nurse Resume Template

Registered Nurse must be found anywhere in the health industry. You can find them on hospitals, health center and everywhere else. This is the example of their resume.

sample emergency room nurse resume template1

Nursing Student Resume Template

Using nursing resume template to write a good resume for student is like very important. They have zero experience in writing resume and thus a template will help a lot in this case. Download the resume example right now.

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