10+ Professional Sales Resume

The Guideline and Examples of Professional Sales Resume Template

Take a look at the samples of the professional sales resume template to make it easier in writing the best professional sales resume. In the competitive world, you need to have an exceptional resume besides the skills and achievements in any field job.

Executive Sales Manager Resume

Are you a fresh graduate who wants to start professional career in the real world? You should try to apply for a sales position job. This job holds an important role of every type of company in the world, starting from the retailing field to the production job.

Sample of Medical Sales Resume

If you are still confused about what is the best resume you can write, see the professional sales resume template below.

June West

Professional Medical Sales

Contact Details

Address: 16 Callahan Avenue, New York City, NY 28181

Phone   : 172 0999 1726

Email    : june.west@live.com

Resume Objective

  • A highly self-motivated medical consultant offering excellent marketing and sales skills with remarkable 7 years of experience in the same field.
  • Experience in leading the medical consulting team in the best growing medical company in town.
  • Continuously providing the excellent sales results of the company: 132% quota in 2018, 109% quota in 2017, 156% quota in 2016, and succeed in making the company be the best national company with the highest sales rank.

Medical Sales Skills

  • Performance management
  • Consultative sales skills
  • Strategic marketing
  • Budgeting
  • Sales technique and programs
  • Product adoption
  • Sales management
  • Business development
  • Public speaking
  • Account acquisition

Key Skills

  • Communication
  • Effective reporting
  • Patience
  • Persistent
  • Attention to details
  • Time management
  • Persuasive skills
  • Negotiation
  • Relationship building
  • Presentation skills

Working Experience

Regional Medical Consultant (2015 – Present)

Green Hill Med Inc., New York City, New York

  • Improving the individual quota every month to make their performances raise 40% of the time
  • Planning and conducting the new and innovative sales protocols and programs
  • Providing the training for the junior medical consultant team with the educative lessons and prospective project plans
  • Making sure only the best services are provided by the company for all the clients and customers

District Sales Staff (2013 – 2015)

Green Hill Med Inc., New York City, New York

  • Raising 65% territory growth since being the district sales staff of the company
  • Generating the highest revenue and quarterly growth of the company until 265% quota; the best sales company among other companies in the country
  • Managing the marketing, sales, and consulting in the territory with more than 750 clients
  • Maintaining the customer’s satisfaction ratio of 4.8/5 that reached the company’s targets of 4.1/5


Bachelor of Arts (2009 – 2013)

Major: Communication

University of Texas, TX

Tips on Making Sales Resume

Having the best professional sales resume template won’t be strong enough if you don’t know the tips in making a unique resume. Check the tips below:

  1. Know your focus

When applying for a job, you need to know your target to make it easier creating a professionally focused resume.

  1. Choose the suitable layout design

Not every layout design is suitable for the job you are applying for. Select the best one to make your resume catchier among other candidates.

  1. Be well-organized

Being a sales means you can’t be a clumsy person. You need to be well-organized, and it is seen in your resume. So, make sure you don’t make any mistakes, such as grammar or spelling errors.

  1. Do not lie

Be honest in making the resume and be confident with any of you skills or experience. It will make you troubled later when you get into the interview section if you manipulate the information.

People Also Ask

You need to include your sales skills, such as:

  1. Sales forecasting
  2. Time management
  3. Closing sales
  4. Product knowledge
  5. Organizational skills
  6. Client retention
  7. Written communication, as well as verbal communication
  8. Client acquisition
  9. Self-motivated

How do you write an excellent sales resume?

To make the ideal professional sales resume, do the following things:

  1. Make sure you have the complete sections of professional experience, skills, and educational background
  2. Make sure to have only one-page length, especially if your working experience is less than 7 years
  3. You can additionally include these sections: interests section, previous project sections, and profile summary section.

How do I show my professionalism on my resume?

The best way to show your professionalism in the professional sales resume template is by adding some soft skills, including:

  1. Teamwork skills
  2. Integrity
  3. Organizational skills
  4. Respect
  5. Great attitude
  6. Punctuality
  7. Emotional intelligence
  8. Efficiency

Few Types of Sales Resume Template

The last thing to do in making sales resume is by selecting from the following professional sales resume template samples according to your focus.

Sales Bank Resume

Select the bank professional sales resume template if you are currently looking for any bank sales position. This template is divided into many important elements, starting from the career objective, professional working experiences, to the awards and achievement section.

Marketing Sales Executive Resume

Marketing Executive Sales Resume

If you are a person with excellent skills in persuasive selling communication, try to be a marketing executive and follow this professional sales resume template. As additional value, add the areas of excellence section in this template.

Medical Device Sales Resume

Retailing Entry-Level Sales Resume

You can confidently choose the retailing entry-level professional sales resume template if you just recent graduates from school, college, or university. Don’t have any working experience yet? Worry no more as you can easily spotlight your other strength, such as academic achievements and volunteering experience.

Medical Sales Manager

Pharmaceutical Entry-Level Sales Resume

Do you want to pursue career in the pharmaceutical field but still confused about how to start? Why don’t you try to be pharmaceutical sales and use this professional sales resume template? It will help you to have the relevant working experience that you need in making the resume.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Resume

Director Sales Resume

Use the director professional sales resume template if you have remarkable working experience in being professional sales. Make sure to complete all required information in every section of this template.


Regional Sales Director Resume Bank Sales Officer Resume Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Entry Level Retail Sales Resume Entry Level Sales Representative Resume

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