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Free Download and Example of Engineering Resume Template Word

Downloading engineering resume template Word is probably a wise decision. You can make sure that the resume you are writing is good when you are writing it based on a template. Use these following templates to get your resume done properly. It is very easy to use anyway.

Civil Engineering Student Resume

These are some of the best templates you can find and there is one example to look at, too. Here they are:

Example of Engineering Resume

James Lee Kellan



9 Chrome St., Santa Maria, 281, HK


  • A keen computer engineering student who currently studies for Bachelor’s Degree in computer engineering.
  • Willing to look for experience and knowledge from the real industry.
  • Taking any sorts of internships and volunteering programs.


2019-Ongoing, Santa Maria Technology College, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering


2019, Jameson Technology, Engineering team

2020, Utah Co Technology, Junior Computer Engineer


Critical thinking





English, Native

Spanish, Advanced

How to write engineering resume?

Engineering is the industry where you cannot take everything for granted, even when you are writing resume about your job in that industry. This is why the resume must be perfect. How to write one anyway? This is where you need engineering resume template Word and follow these steps:

  1. After downloading the resume template, locate the downloaded file and then open it up using Microsoft Word. Then, edit the resume according to each section explained in the template. Usually, it will start with the contact information (phone, email etc.)
  2. Once you are done filling up the contact information, you need to create brief profile. Most people use engineering resume template Word and write their profile on the top section. It should not be too long, like 1-2 sentences are enough.
  3. Next, you need to write your history of education and then followed by history of employment. It is going to be the highlight of the resume as this is the information that future employer wants to know about you.
  4. Complete the resume by writing up your skills and language skills, too. If you speak more than one language, it can be a plus point so that you will have to write it up on your resume. Check the resume once more and it is ready to use.

People Also Ask

What is the best format for resume?

For the format of the file, of course Word or doc file is the best format. This is the reason why people are getting engineering resume template Word. They want to make sure that they can open the file in Microsoft Word, which is the most common document editing tool for PC.

You can use other formats, too, though, such as PDF. However, it won’t be as good as doc file. The doc file allows you to print, edit and even transfer the file with ease. Do not forget to take a good look at the files you are about to download and make sure it is in doc format.

Where to find Word template for resume?

It is available out there on the internet. Documents like engineering resume template Word or anything for resume purposes can be found easily now. You just have to make sure that it is free. There is no point of getting a template when you have to pay for it. It must be free of charge.

Thankfully, there are tons of templates out there that you can buy for free. It is just one click away and the file is yours eventually. Simply choose the file according to your need and when it is free, it will be saved on your PC immediately with zero cost. The engineering resume template Word is yours.

Does Microsoft Word have template for resume?

There is no specific engineering resume template Word that you can find in the program. However, you can use regular resume template and modify it a little bit. It will work just as good as actual engineering template. Download them now and you can save the file for later on.

Software Engineering Resume Template

Software engineering works with computer programs and applications. Writing resume won’t be so hard for them but for playing it safe, it is better to use engineering resume template Word anyway. This is the downloadable file.

Professional Engineering Resume Template

When you are professional, writing a resume won’t be a problem. However, if you simply do not want to do it on your own, you can use templates. This template is one of them, and it is absolutely free to get.

Computer Engineering Student Resume

Entry Level Engineering Resume Template

Entry level is new people in the industry. They are lacking of experience but surely they will get some along the way. To make the best resume, use the templates, and this template is the one to download.

Computer Science Engineering Resume

Electrical Engineering Resume Template

This type of engineering is dealing with electrical-related business. It will be hard for them to take a good care of their resume as they are very busy, though. So, using engineering resume template Word will be a good decision.

Electrical Engineering Student Resume

Computer Science Engineering Resume Template

Computer science is the serious type of engineering. They deal with a lot of things and mostly related to technology. For this field, you can make the best resume when you use the right template. Download this particular template now.

Engineering Student Fresher Resume 1

Civil Engineering Resume Template

Civil engineering is a famous field in the industry. People often get their jobs in this field by writing up the proper resume. To make sure you make zero mistake, use this resume template and make your own resume.

Entry Level Civil Engineering Resume

Chemical Engineering Resume Template

Chemical engineering is an important industry. You can join the force by applying jobs in this industry. Use it by sending out a good resume. A well-written resume should start from the best template, like this one.

Entry Level Computer Engineering Resume

Automobile Engineering Resume Template

Automobile engineering is often considered as the most common type of engineering. If you work in this area and you have to make the resume, use this engineering resume template Word, and you can write it up easily.

Automobile Engineering Resume SampleChemical Engineering Internship ResumeCivil Engineering Internship Resume


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