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Simple Resume Templates Free Download PDF, Doc and More

Well, using simple resume templates is certainly a good decision considering that writing a resume is not something you want to do in daily basis. The key of writing a good resume is when you know what to do about it. This is why an example is certainly needed in this case.

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To help you writing a good resume, these are some of the best simple resume templates that you can use. Just download them and do not worry about money as they are all free to download, and practically editable and printable as well.

Example of Simple Resume Templates

John Thomas Jackson

Email: jtjackson@mail.me

Phone: 8790-1826

Address: 67 Oakville St, Hubert, St. Barbara 2718


  • Graduating college with Bachelor’s Degree in historical teaching.
  • Interested in learning all events in the course of history, particularly during Middle Age Europe to the modern post-World War II.
  • Willing to work in teams and have good passion in giving the best in every project assigned.


Glenville High School, Graduated 2014, GPA 3.2

West Ville State University, Graduated 2018, GPA 3.5, Bachelor’s Degree, Historical Teaching

Work History

St. Barbara National Archive, Assistant Historian, 2017-2019

Kellan School and Training, Educator Team for History, 2019-2020

Woodville Study Center, History and Archive Team, 2020-Ongoing


Old English Text Reading

History Archiving

Historical Artefact and Painting Recognition



Team Working


English, Advanced

Latin, Advanced

French, Advanced

How to write simple resume?

To write a simple resume, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download simple resume templates and open it using your PC/Laptop
  2. Edit the sections or the parts of the resume according to your data
  3. Recheck the resume, especially on the dates and order
  4. Print or send the resume. 

People Also Ask

Does Microsoft Office have a resume template?

In some versions, it does. However, if you cannot find any, simply download the simple resume templates from the internet with .doc format. It will be able to get opened in Microsoft Word.

How do I make my resume a PDF?

Use Word-PDF converter. Most of them are available for free on the internet. Or, simply use simple resume templates in Word, and then click the down arrow on “save as” and pick PDF format

What is a good resume for someone with no experience?

Simple resume is the best considering that the content will be brief and clear to read. After all, there is not much to write on that resume. Simple format helps you to make the less-experienced work history look readable.

Simple Resume for Accountant Template

When people want to become an accountant, they will have to apply for related job as well. This is the template of the resume to be used when you try to get a job as accountant.

Example of Simple Resume for Assistant

Making resume from the start is not good idea because it will take a long time to complete. That is the reason why using example like template is a good decision.

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Example of Simple Resume for Bookkeeper

Many people have the dream job of working at library or book archive places. If you want to be a bookkeeper and need an example of the resume, use the best and reliable simple resume templates.

Simple Resume for College Student Template

College students who want to get summer job or internship will have to write their own resume as well. However, trick the whole situation by using template. It is quicker to use templates after all.

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Example of Simple Resume for Fashion Designer

Fashion designer is a serious job, and the resume for that will be full of portfolios. Make the correct resume first by using the template.

Example of Simple Resume for HR Coordinator

You may look the simple resume templates for HR coordinator. Just download the template all for free, and use it later on.

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Simple Resume for Mechanic Template

Do you work as a mechanic for years and want to write a resume about it? Well, you can use the template for that particular resume.

Example of Simple Resume for Microbiologist

Microbiologist is a unique profession. You can apply for that job when you are interested in examining creatures that won’t be seen with naked eyes. Apply for the job using the ready-made template.

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Example of Simple Resume for Nurse

When you apply a job as a nurse, you will have to make a good resume. This is one of the best simple resume templates to use as it is easy to edit and print as well.

Simple Resume for Physician Template

Physician and the rest of people working in the healthcare industry are indeed the professionals. Write a good resume to emphasize all the skills and experiences that have come throughout the years.

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Example of Simple Resume for Sales

Writing resume without the help of template is not going to be easy at all. Use the template or at least example to help you do that. This one is for those who have been working in sales.

Simple Resume for Secretary Template

Applying job as a secretary is going to make you create the resume seriously. After all, it shows all the skill and education. Use these simple resume templates as reference.

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Example of Simple Resume for Summer Job

Summer job is common for students who do not go to school or camp during summer time. Instead, they can try making their own money by getting a job. This is the resume you can use to get the job.

Simple Resume for Teacher Template

This is the resume for teacher. Applying job at schools will be easier when you bring a good resume. The example includes the format and basic rules to make the best teacher resume.

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Example of Simple Resume for Technician

This is one of the best simple resume templates for those who have been looking for the way to write a resume for technician. Follow the example and fill the template to get the resume done.

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