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The Samples of Database Administrator Resume Template

A database administrator holds responsibility for organizing and storing the data of company using specialized software. Take a look at the sample of database administrator resume provided below if you are currently looking for a guide to write a good resume.

Experienced Database Administrator Resume

Nowadays, almost every aspect of live uses the sophistication of technology. It makes everything much easier every day, so there is always a wide opportunity to apply for any Information Technology jobs, including a database administrator position.

Example of Database Administrator Resume

Here is the database administrator resume.


Susan White

Database Administrator

Personal Details

Address            : 24 Blockage Road, San Francisco, CA 72627

Phone               : 9287 6787 6287

Home               : 109 2668 8277

Email                : susan.white@outlook.com

Date of Birth     : 12 September 1987

Driving License  : Yes

Nationality         : United States

Personal Summary

  • An excellent and highly passionate IT professional with Unix administration and database skills across both MS SQL and Oracle.
  • Having excellent ability to be the leader in any projects and also supporting the technical implementation while managing many products.
  • Currently working as a database administrator in a developed production company conducting huge volumes of business important data.
  • A dedicated team player, well-presented with the capacity to communicate well at all levels.
  • Now looking for a database administrator position that suited well with a highly competitive company.

Professional Experience

Database Administrator (August 2015 – Present)

Knight Consultancy Firm, San Francisco, CA

Holds responsible for the administration and technical element of the company, using SQL and Oracle database infrastructure

  • Prevents data loss and also responsible for the security system of the database
  • Actively involved in the data modeling, database schema physical design, and also in the performance tuning
  • Maintains and installs the databases
  • Manages the development of web applications and Oracle database interface web
  • Identifies and handles any risks in the database service
  • Conducts the database administration, such as performance tuning and monitoring
  • Creates the backup copies for every data
  • Prepares and executes the technical tests
  • Maintains the file security and firewall protection daily
  • Creates and transfers the data and information into the database

Key Competencies and Skills

  • Experienced in using SQL tuning, ASM, RAC, and instance tuning
  • Able to communicate technical things to non-technical working partners effectively
  • Able to quickly know the complex problems and advise any effective and efficient solutions
  • Able to create the database structure well
  • In-depth knowledge of tuning, diagnostic, change management packs, OEM, and configuration
  • Experienced well in using SAN, NAS, Oracle servers, XMLDB
  • Experienced in running on Oracle 9i/10/g/11g server systems
  • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript, SQL, CSS, PHP, and XHTML
  • Able to multitask and prioritize the job in a challenging and changing environment

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Science (2011 – 2015)

Major: Computer Science

Coventry University, San Francisco, CA

Personal Skills

  • Target oriented
  • Analytical thinking
  • Attention to detail


  • ISEB Certificate in Data Security
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator

Areas of Expertise

  • Sybase
  • Data warehouse tools
  • Disaster recovery
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • Oracle DBA
  • SQL skills
  • Data cleaning

Tips to Write Database Administrator Resume

Here are the tips to make database administrator resume:

  1. Mention about your skills

The database administrator position is definitely a job that required many technical skills, such as SQL, Oracle, etc. Therefore, you need to highlight your technical skills, but do not forget about your soft skills, too.

  1. Write your academic background in reversed mode

Listing your academic background in reversed mode will make the hiring manager easier in understanding your resume.

  1. No spelling and grammar error

Having a badly written resume will make your resume overlooked by any hiring managers. So, make sure you eliminate this error in the resume if you want to be accepted soon.

People Also Ask

What are the responsibilities of a database administrator?

Being a database administrator means you will be responsible for:

  1. Maintain and set the standard of database
  2. Maintain and install the database server’s performance
  3. Manage, upgrade, and install the database applications
  4. Conduct database access
  5. Optimize the development of a database security system
  6. Perform the database system tuning

How do I put a database on my resume?

You can describe database position in your database administrator resume by writing your IT skills, such as:

  1. Designing database tables and structures
  2. Managing the database automation
  3. NET
  4. SQL, Java, PHP, C++, MySQL, Oracle, C#
  5. Developing views, functions, and data procedures
  6. NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB)
  7. Integrating applications by optimizing the SQL queries
  8. ETL

What soft skills do database administrators need?

Besides hard skills or technical skills, here are the soft skills you need to have as database administrator:

  1. Organizational skills
  2. Patience
  3. Ability to work great under pressure
  4. Problem solving
  5. Communication skills
  6. Attention to details

Types of Database Administrator Resume

The last thing you need to do is choosing one of the examples of database administrator resume below regarding your specialization.

Database Administrator Resume for SQL

The first option is the SQL database administrator resume template, and it is the best option for you who is currently looking for a SQL database administrator position. It contains the cover letter format that you can easily download and fill with your personal information, such as the introduction section of your resume.

Free Database Administrator Resume Templates

Database Administrator Resume for Server

If you are targeting for server database administration, but don’t know how to make a stunning resume, follow this server database administrator resume template. You can highlight your technical expertise and education after giving a summary of yourself as professional database administration.

Network Administrator Resume Sample

Database Administrator Resume for Database Developer

Choose this database administrator resume template if you want to apply for developer position. This template is divided into two parts. The first part enables you to tell about your qualification, while the second part lets you tell about your technical expertise.

Oracle Database Administrator Resume

Database Administrator Resume for System Administrator

If you are seeking for system and networking administrator position, select the system database administrator resume template, and you will be helped in writing the best resume format by writing your summary of skills, either the soft skills or the technical skills.

Database Administration Manager Resume

Database Administrator Resume for Professional

The last option is the experienced database administrator resume template. It is for you who have many professional experiences in working as a professional database administrator.

Database Administrator Best Resume Format

Database Administrator Resume Example

Database Administrator Resume Format

Database Administrator Simple Resume Format

Database Developer Resume Sample

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